In May, ChatterQuant’s CEO, Christian Perry, pitched against several other financial technology companies at the global TradeTech 2022 conference in Paris. “TradeTech is Europe’s Leading Equity Trading Conference that has been helping the most senior equity trading professionals from across the full value chain solve their biggest challenges for 15 years through interactive discussion and solution sharing.” – TradeTechEU

This fierce competition involved several innovative companies in spaces such as Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), Social Sentiment, and Artificial Intelligence Portfolio Construction companies. After all of these presentations, the audience voted ChatterQuant as the most innovative and likely to succeed in the marketplace! This is the third award ChatterQuant’s platform has won this year!

“We will continue to innovate and release new and exciting insights into the marketplace to become the most impactful social sentiment company in the financial technology space”- Christian Perry

ChatterQuant is a leading innovator with a proven track record in social sentiment and discussion monitoring within the financial industry. Our award-winning platform offers real-time access to trends across multiple social media platforms, to provide traders and institutions with actionable insights.